Civil Projects

What Do we Mean by Civil Projects?

The term Civil Work means many things to different people, so from our perspective Civil Works includes all of the construction work that we undertake. This includes the excavation, construction and remediation of the site. Whilst the bulk of our work is hidden below ground, some of our civil projects will also include above ground infrastructure.
Leveraging our vast experience, we ensure that all projects are well scoped from the very start to ensure that time, budget and quality aspects can all be delivered. With comprehensive planning and site inspections completed up front, we position ourselves to minimise any delays and to allow for “the unexpected”.
Our Civil projects will be completed within the respective Distribution Authority regulations and with reference to the local council, environmental and Energy Safety Victoria requirements. Common types of projects include; NBN works, Kiosk substations and substations for property subdivisions.
Projects are completed in line with an agreed scope of works, and will include all relevant safety audits and can include as-built plans on request.

Recent Projects

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