Hydro Excavation Services

What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro Excavation is a low risk and ecologically sound method of non destructive digging. It uses special high pressure water equipment to excavate the area and is coupled with a vacuum unit to remove the water/earth material from the excavation.

The Hydro Excavation unit is used extensively in a range of civil environments, but most commonly where we need to avoid damage to tree root balls or need to dig in close proximity to existing cable/pipe infrastructure.

The high pressure water gun provides a surgical like level of control over the excavation, so we are able to work around all types of critical or delicate infrastructure. This means that existing in-ground infrastructure does not need to interfere with your current project, with Hydro Excavation providing a safe and clean alternative to traditional excavation.

Some of the key benefits of Hydro Excavation

In addition to being able to surgically excavate around existing in-ground infrastructure, the Hydro Extraction equipment is a quieter alternative to mechanical excavation equipment. 

It can also offer a faster excavation process, requires less space, creates less mess and thus provides for a cleaner and simpler excavation.

With our specialised equipment and highly trained operators, we have the complete Hydo Excavation service available to assist with your next excavation need. 

To understand the benefits more clearly for your specific project, contact us for a no obligation assessment.


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