VESI Auditing Services

What Does VESI Accreditation Mean For Our Clients?

If you’re an Electrical Contractor looking for auditing services to complete your projects, then you can rest easy that we have the experience and knowledge to assist.

We hold all of the necessary accreditation and experience to correctly and efficiently audit your project.

Our years of commercial experience – both contracting and auditing, means that we are uniquely qualified – with not just the audited accreditation, but also the practical hands on contracting experience.

This means that your project can progress without any unnecessary delay or frustration. If our audits detect an issue, then we will work with you to guide you to what is required to achieve full compliance.

What Is VESI Accreditation?

Obtaining Victorian Electrical Supply Industry (VESI) and Victorian Electrical Distribution Network (VEDN Accreditation) involves a detailed and rigorous process.

It involves a comprehensive inspection of our management systems including safety policies, quality control, staff training, environment controls and policies, auditing, contract control, communication with staff, clients and authorities and procedures for all of our activities. The assessment also takes into account our recent job and incident history.

Annual reviews are mandatory to maintain this accreditation, so clients can draw comfort that all of our certifications are current at all times.


We work across both Melbourne metro and regional Victoria across civil works projects

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We also provide superior VEDN Pole To Pit Services to Infrastructure and Civil Works Projects

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